With AI Innovations, SAMSUNG wins back spot as the world’s biggest phone seller from APPLE

With AI Innovations, SAMSUNG wins back spot as the world’s biggest phone seller from APPLE

Jan 22 , 2024

Leslie Do

During a recent event in San Jose, California, Samsung President T.M. Roh emphasized the transformative impact of Artificial Intelligence on mobile devices. With the vision of becoming a leader in AI, Samsung has introduced a host of groundbreaking features in its latest offerings.

“Artificial Intelligence will bring about great change in the mobile industry,” Samsung president T.M. Roh said as he kicked off an event in a sports centre in the Silicon Valley city of San Jose, California.

In a stunning turn of events, Samsung has reclaimed its position as the world's leading phone seller, toppling Apple from its throne. At the heart of this resurgence lies Samsung's commitment to integrating Artificial Intelligence into its devices, marking a significant leap forward in the mobile industry.

While smartphones have AI capabilities already, the technology unveiled by Samsung is groundbreaking.

Below are 12 AI features on the latest Samsung that you can’t afford to ignore:

1. Circle and Find it

In collaboration with Google, Samsung's S24 introduces an innovative search function. Utilizing AI, users can effortlessly circle a phrase or image for a quick search.

2. Live Translate

Tackling translation challenges, Samsung's "Live Translate" offers real-time, two-way translation for voice calls and text, eliminating the need for third-party apps.

3. Generative Edit

Samsung's latest move into the AI editing arena introduces Generative Edit, mirroring Google's magic editor's success.

With Generative Edit, users can long-tap on a subject in a photo, gaining the ability to move, resize, or remove elements quickly.

4. Chat Assist

Navigating English nuances can be challenging for non-native speakers.

But it is made easier with Chat Assist. Craft context-appropriate messages with varying tonalities effortlessly, encompassing widely used instant messaging apps like WhatsApp.

For those engaged in group chats with individuals of diverse nationalities, the feature allows you to translate all messages into English or your chosen language automatically. When responding, simply type your message in English, and it will be sent as a translated message.

5. Note Assist

Picture yourself in a class or meeting, wanting to take some notes. You might record the entire session with the hope of extracting useful information later. What if there was a tool that not only recorded the session but also summarized the memos? Enter the Transcript Assist feature, which uses AI and Speech-to-Text technology to transcribe, summarize, and even translate recordings.

6. AI Zoom

AI also strengthens the phone’s camera powers, with generative AI helping to fill in or remove backgrounds.

Effortlessly glides from 1x zoom to an impressive 100x zoom while AI enhances the details at every stage in between.

Similar AI features are widely rumoured to be part of the next iPhone 16, probably to be released later this year.

7. Photo Assist

Achieve the perfect photo with AI-powered editing options.
Effortlessly relocate objects and intelligently fill in empty spaces.

8. Transcript Assist

Effortlessly transcribe and summarize audio content like lectures or meetings using Transcript Assist.

9. AI Design

Infusing AI into design for an enhanced user experience.
Editing photos with AI Toolkit

10. Slow Motion

Named applied, this functionality enables an instant slowdown of a regular video through a long press. However, it's essential to highlight that, given its use of AI-frame generation to insert remaining frames, the video might exhibit occasional roughness, depending on the scenario.

11. Android Auto

Get helpful summaries of incoming text messages and more.

12. Titanium Toughness

Crafted with robust titanium metals, Samsung's phone body ensures durability.

This exciting leap into the future is just the beginning. As AI continues to evolve, Samsung's commitment to innovation positions it at the forefront of the mobile industry.

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