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Unparalleled Speaker Insights & Training

Asia Innovate Hub boasts a rich tapestry of world-renowned speakers and thought leaders. As the agency holder of Unique Speaker Bureau International for South East Asia, we bridge knowledge from every corner of the globe.

Our emphasis isn't just on speaking— it's on transformative training. Through our curated programs, we empower individuals and organizations with groundbreaking insights, ensuring they're equipped for the demands of tomorrow.

Global Speaker Repository

As the licensee of Unique Speaker Bureau International for Asia, we bring voices of expertise from every continent to deliver unparalleled insights.

Beyond Speaking: Transformative Training

It's more than words. Our programs are designed to empower, educate, and evolve, ensuring participants emerge with actionable knowledge.

Future-Ready Insights

In a rapidly changing world, our curated content ensures you're always steps ahead, primed for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.

Specialist Speakers
40 000+
Hours of Training
At Asia Innovate Hub, we believe in more than just innovation – we believe in the transformative power of ideas, collaboration, and action.

Our Founding Principles

  • Bridging Boundaries: East or West, we stand as the nexus where cultures, technologies, and visions merge.

  • Championing Change: We don't just welcome change; we catalyze it, fostering environments where innovation thrives.

  • Collaboration at Core: Together, we are stronger. We prioritize partnerships, unity, and shared knowledge in all we undertake.

  • Excellence as Standard: In service, solutions, or strategy – we aim for nothing less than the pinnacle of quality.

  • Empowerment through Knowledge: By offering unparalleled access to global thought leaders and learning programs, we ignite the potential in every individual.

  • Future-Forward Focus: Rooted in the now but always gazing ahead, we craft strategies and solutions designed for tomorrow's world.

The Minds Driving Transformation at Asia Innovate Hub

The Team

  • Llewellan Vance
    Innovation Mentor | Startup Growth Specialist From Huawei
  • Jasmine Goh
    Sales Director
  • Paul Mc Connon
    Group CEO of Unique Speaker Bureau International
  • Mike Handcock
    Chairman at Circle of Excellence Group
  • Landi Jac
    CEO: Circle of Excellence Group
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