Largest Speaker Network in Asia | Invite a Keynote Speaker

Largest Speaker Network in Asia | Invite a Keynote Speaker

Jan 29 , 2024

Leslie Do


Unique Speaker Bureau International (USBI) proudly stands as The World's Leading Ecosystem for Professional Speakers. Our journey began in 2009, weaving a rich tapestry of excellence across Africa and Europe. At the heart of our success is our innovative 5-star speaker model, a testament to our unwavering commitment to ensuring that every speaker we recommend meets the highest standards across five key areas of professional competency.

Over the years, the Unique Speaker Bureau International speaking eco-system has evolved into a global force, reaching across six continents. From the Eastern Seaboard of the USA to the vibrant landscapes of Southeast Asia, the dynamic hubs of South Africa, and the vast territories of Australia, our influence extends seamlessly across East-West Africa.

Asia Innovate Hub is our licensee in Southeast Asia. Connect with Asia Innovate Hub to find and book the perfect speaker for your event!


Our Mantra "Fuel, Ignite, Accelerate"

  • Fuel: Our commitment is not just about the conference day; it's about fueling anticipation even before the event begins. We deliver talent and ideas that create a buzz, ensuring your audience is excited and engaged from the get-go.


  • Ignite: Igniting the flame of inspiration involves more than just words. We provide you with a toolbox of dynamic tools that complement and enhance the speaker's message. It's not just about what's said; it's about how it resonates.

  • Accelerate: Our mission extends beyond the event's duration. We aim to craft a message that lingers, a message your delegates won't just remember but will implement in their lives. Accelerating change means creating a ripple effect that extends far beyond the confines of the conference room.

At USBI, we don't just deliver events; we orchestrate experiences that fuel excitement, ignite inspiration, and accelerate lasting impact. Join us in creating moments that go beyond the ordinary and become transformative milestones.

Our Mood Barometer

USBI are here to bring NEW and FRESH Design Thinking Principles into your next conference.

At USBI, we are delighted to introduce our exclusive USBI Conference Messaging Mood Barometer to kickstart your event.

Crafted to gauge the sentiments of your conference participants, this tool empowers you to tackle their needs and concerns directly. With the USBI Mood Barometer in hand, you gain a holistic understanding of your attendees' current feelings. This insight equips you to surpass their conference expectations, ensuring an engaging and triumphant conference experience.


At Unique Speaker Bureau International, we don't just deliver speakers; we craft enduring experiences. Our mission is to fuel, ignite, and accelerate your events by introducing you to 5-Star International Speakers, individuals who are frequent guests in the halls of some of the world's largest companies.

Going beyond traditional keynote offerings, Unique Speaker Bureau International aims to provide a comprehensive, long-term solution for our clients. We curate not only impactful keynotes but also design programs, workshops, sessions, and masterclasses. This approach empowers your audiences to delve deeper and learn more, creating a holistic and enriching experience.

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Unique Speaker Bureau International is renowned for its vibrant events that offer excellent networking and educational opportunities, led by top industry experts.

Our distinctiveness is shaped by the high caliber and variety of our speakers, the collaborative development of agendas with end-users, and attracting attendees of notable seniority and relevance. Our impactful "Fuel, Ignite, Accelerate" model, along with the Mood Barometer, enhances each event experience.

The introduction of CoFounder Pilot, our proprietary AI tool, optimizes business matchmaking, aligning the right audience and collaborators for each event.

Our very own Unique Speaker Bureau International, Global World Series 2024

Our very own Unique Speaker Bureau International, Global World Series


USBI offers you the unique opportunity to join an international bureau at a local level. Through collective collaboration, we are now able to offer global solutions to local challenges.

USBI is your gateway through us allows you access to global speakers and global content, across not only ASEAN but also Australia, the US eastern seaboard, Canada, Germany, South Africa, New Zealand, East and West Africa, Mauritius, Madagascar, Seychelles and more.

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