ChatGPT-5 and GPT-5 rumors: Expected release date, everything we know so far

ChatGPT-5 and GPT-5 rumors: Expected release date, everything we know so far

Jan 31 , 2024

Leslie Do

OpenAI is creating ChatGPT 5, its new AI model. CEO Sam Altman said it might become superintelligent, but they need more investment from Microsoft.

Altman mentioned their successful partnership and plans to raise more money from Microsoft and other investors over time. Developing a big AI model like ChatGPT needs a lot of money, computer resources, and thorough testing on massive amounts of data.

Going beyond the human

According to Masood, Altman said that GPT-5 and 6 would do “a more reliable job, with better personalisation, with multi-modal outputs.”

While GPT-4 showcases remarkable AI capabilities, the upcoming AI models aim not only to exceed human knowledge but also to emulate human reasoning and handle intricate concepts. Referred to as artificial general intelligence (AGI), these models go beyond mere repetition, enabling the expression of novel and original ideas. Concerns about ensuring the responsible use of such models have led to discussions among governments, regulators, and tech companies to prevent potential risks to humanity.

GPT-5 release date: When will it arrive?

OpenAI unveiled GPT-4 shortly after ChatGPT, but the extensive training, development, and testing process took over two years. If GPT-5 adheres to a similar timeline, its release might be anticipated around 2025.

However, OpenAI is likely to enhance GPT-4 in the meantime, possibly introducing a mid-cycle GPT-4.5 update. It's crucial to note that training and operating existing language models incur substantial costs. Consequently, when GPT-5 debuts, access may require a subscription, such as ChatGPT Plus or Copilot Pro.

GPT-5 features: Everything we know so far

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While GPT-5's arrival may be a year or two away, anticipated improvements include:

  1. Multimodal capabilities: GPT-5 is expected to handle video inputs, building on GPT-4's text and image capabilities, as seen in Google's Gemini model.
  2. Improved truthfulness: GPT-5 might enhance its training dataset, reducing inaccuracies and hallucinations, addressing gaps in knowledge about obscure topics.
  3. Progress towards AGI: GPT-5 could facilitate AI handling menial tasks through integrations with third-party services, inching closer to artificial general intelligence (AGI).
  4. Accessibility of GPT-4: GPT-5's release may make GPT-4 more affordable and widely accessible, improving ChatGPT's proficiency in tasks like coding, translation, and research.